Charles Hubbell

War Planes

A collection of Charles Hubbell’s Aviation Prints was commissioned by TRW and used for thirty five years on their advertising calendars. Many collections feature fighter planes from World War I, World War II as well as the Korean War.

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Early Flight

Six of our collections feature Early Flight: Dawn of Wings, The Golden Decade, Very Early Flight, Barnstormers, The Early Birds and Famous Firsts.

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Special Collections

Special collections include the popular Private Air Craft, Air Transportation, Pioneer Mail Wings, America’s Women with Wings, Aviation Hall of Fame, Electronics in Flight, The Thompson, Aerotechnology, Rockets Red Glare, Electronics in Flight and more!

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Best of Collections

These collections from the 1970s include The Best of Hubbell and A Tribute to Hubbell as Selected by Three Famous Aviators.

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  • War Planes

    Fighter Planes from WWI, WWII and Korean War

  • Early Flight

    Biplanes, Monoplanes and More!

  • Special Collections

    Private Air, Aerotechnology, Mail and More!

  • Best of Collections

    Collections of Hubbells' Best Work